meeting minutes

Dear M,

Thank you for meeting with me today. here is my follow-up on the topics we discussed:

  • I had it all wrong about Lithub, the unreliable narrators were here.
  • Lithub is still great though, with lots of random reading lists and lots of great articles by Rebecca Solnit.
  • Mt. Hamilton is not named after Alexander Hamilton, as you correctly surmised. Wikipedia says:
  • Speaking of Hamilton, a great place to get familiar with it is – it has all the lyrics, and lots of annotations (many by Lin-Manuel Miranda the creator himself) explaining historical backgrounds and puns and phrases borrowed from other musicals or from rap or hip hop songs. And it shows who sings which parts, which makes it easier to understand when you hear it the first one hundred times. 
  • The Hamilton app has a ticket lottery for each performance.
  • And the closest showing right now is at the Orpheum Theatre in San Francisco – the run got extended to end of May 2020. GREAT GREAT cast.

Raise a glass to free-hee-dom!

Author: elkit

I'll tell you later, when I know you better.

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