Random Bits About Me

I blog right here.

My affiliate bookshop is at bookshop.org/shop/elkit.

You can hire me to coach you in stress relief or meditation or habit-forming.

Or you can find a coach for just about any habit you want to start or quit.

The Same Deep Water as You” is my favorite Cure song.

My previous home had a library.

Blue is my favorite color.  

Being German, I am legally required to love bread. 

I am kind, mostly.

I am silly, mostly.

I live in coastal California. I understand how lucky I am.

I have blue eyes and white hair. Or pink or purple or blue hair.

I don’t like flavored coffees.

My favorite thing to do is read.

I have fallen behind on my drinking.

I buy Christmas cards every year and hardly ever get around to send them. 

I blog right here.

A favorite quote: “The cure for anything is salt water: sweat, tears or the sea.” – Isak Dinesen

You are awesome. (I know, I know, these are supposed to be bits about me, but – not everything has to be about me, you know?)

How did I get to be so old?

Argyle. I like argyle.

I bought an electric bicycle.

I like saying “Kartoffelsalat*.” Try it, it’s fun!

But my favorite German word is “selbdritt.”

Another favorite quote: “The future is already here. It’s just unevenly distributed.” – William Gibson

Prince. David Bowie. PJ Harvey. Robert Palmer. Garbage. Elvis Costello. Warren Zevon. Rammstein. Emmylou Harris. Lil Nas X. Tori Amos. That’s who I listen to the most. Who did I forget?

Oh, right – I forgot to mention Hamilton, which I’ve been obsessed with for several years now. I know most of it – I’d say about 95% – by heart.

I have two black thumbs and usually kill all plants, but I’ve learned to garden successfully with a hydroponic setup, the Farmstand.

I don’t eat much bacon any more. Bacon had a mom.

I keep asking: How do you know?

I go one step at a time. If I fail, I failed one step, not the whole journey.

I am happy about the hummingbird feeder. These tiny birds are such incredible creatures.

“The trick is to keep breathing.” – Garbage

Knitting is a good occupation for my hands.

I had a cat named Streetpanda. But he wasn’t really my cat – I was his human.

*Kartoffelsalat means potato salad. I don’t know why I find it so satisfying to say it.

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