Here is la bicyclette. Still needs the water bottle holder and bottle, and the panniers (fancy French word for saddle bags. I bought a set that works for grocery bags. This was one of my reasons to buy a bike, so that I could grocery shop with it instead of using the car.)

In the background, behold the lettuce bong with tomatoes, and to its left the fate that usually befalls plants in my garden: certain death.

I thought of naming the bike “Bruiser” but then I liked “Whitey” better. Holly thought I’d written “Whitney” so now I will have to get speakers for the bike and blast Whitney Houston all day long. (Kidding. The world is noisy enough already. Not gonna add to it.)


This is Buffy. (you know, because she’s BUFF.)

I don’t know who she is; this is a picture from the Athleta catalog. Look at those arms and shoulders and lats and abs! I want those. And her body type resembles mine, so this looks absolutely doable.


Edited to add that I have been told who she is. She is Mighty Meagan, a professional rock climber and climbing coach, and an American Ninja Warrior competitor. She comes by those muscles honestly. I’ve got my work cut out for me, and some big lats to fill.