every day i read the book

Now that the library is firmly in place, I am reading more. It was really worth it, packing and unpacking all my books again, and then sorting them into topics. Not quite Dewey Decimal System, just enough order for me to find specific books. And occasionally find that I have duplicates. Heh.

Anyway, I was quite appalled to realize how many unread books I have, so I aim to read every day.

Still a ways to go …

A New Green Deal

I just ordered a hydroponic growing system and am so excited that I want to run and jump around and squee. Check out what I’m getting:

No, I did not pick these. The web site put together a pack for me, based on the season and my zip code. Once I get more experience under my belt, I’ll start picking my own. Because c’mon, gotta have some arugula! And tomatoes and cukes and stuff when it’s time.