Here is la bicyclette. Still needs the water bottle holder and bottle, and the panniers (fancy French word for saddle bags. I bought a set that works for grocery bags. This was one of my reasons to buy a bike, so that I could grocery shop with it instead of using the car.)

In the background, behold the lettuce bong with tomatoes, and to its left the fate that usually befalls plants in my garden: certain death.

I thought of naming the bike “Bruiser” but then I liked “Whitey” better. Holly thought I’d written “Whitney” so now I will have to get speakers for the bike and blast Whitney Houston all day long. (Kidding. The world is noisy enough already. Not gonna add to it.)

Things to Consider

From the coach.me module, citing a couple of questions (sorry, out of context; just notes for me to keep here):

About the Big Five:

Openness to experience: High scorers like variety and intensity; low scorers tend to be consistent and persevere. Can you provide structure for the right amount of variety in your habit? Can a coach help provide variety?

Conscientiousness: High scorers tend to be dependable planners; low scorers might be more spontaneous and less reliable. If a low scorer, can reminders and triggers help you design the right habit strategy?

Your assignment for this week is to design a new habit and then implement it using the Tiny Habits framework and a tactic that will support you, based on what you’ve learned from the personality tests we’ve been taking:

  1. Pick your behavior change, and determine the Tiny Habit that will get you started on that path.
  2. Pick a tactic based on some aspect of your personality. Use the lists for ideas, or think of your own.

Energy vs. Time

Some resources to consider for energy management: